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Like Giants

Whoniverse Minor Characters and OCs

Whoniverse Minor Characters and OCs
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Like Giants: Whoniverse Minor Character and OCs

Nine hundred years. We must look like insects to you.

I think you look like giants.

who_like_giants is a community for fanworks related to minor and original characters in the Doctor Who universe.

What exactly do you mean, "Doctor Who universe?"
I mean all of it. Classic series, new series, TV movie, spin-offs (Torchwood, SJA), Big Finish audios, books both old and new, comics, the whole kit-n-caboodle.

And what do you mean by "minor characters?"
To a large extent, this has to remain open to individual interpretation. However, the spirit of this community is to offer a place to post fanworks and discussion for characters who aren't often talked or written about, and who don't have much in the way of established canon behind them.

Part of the fun of making fanworks is filling in the blank, and for a minor character the blank to be filled in is extremely large. I'm speaking of characters we only meet once or twice, and whose whole life stories we don't get exhaustively exposited about in the source material. They may be extremely important for one episode, but we know little of their life before that moment, and after the adventure is over, we never hear from them again. Every now and then there's a minor character that fandom sort of gloms on to and writes and talks a lot about, and while that character might technically fit the bill here, and I'm not going to go around deleting postings related to them, please keep in mind that I started this community for fanworks about characters that don't receive much attention in fandom normally.

OCs? Really?
Yes, really. I know that original characters in fanfiction have a very bad reputation (to put it mildly), but I'm of the opinion that a well-placed, well-written original character has the power to illuminate the universe and the canon characters in a way that is different from keeping canon characters only ever interacting with other canon characters.

However, if you are interested in posting OC-related fanworks here, I urge you to read the following carefully:

Guidelines for Original Characters in this Community

  • Fanworks relating to original characters should have a clear connection to canon characters and the Doctor Who universe. Meaning: this is not the place for your original fiction.

  • If you post a fanwork here that features an OC, please make sure it features the OC in some fairly major way. Meaning, this is not the place to post your Five/Turlough fic in which a random other character walks into the room, says two lines, and is never seen or heard from again.

A few rules to know and share:
  • Please LJ-cut anything longer than a paragraph.

  • USE HEADERS FOR YOUR FANWORKS! A good header provides a title, rating, any applicable characters and pairings, warnings, and give a brief summary, and then either uses an lj-cut or provides a link back to the location of the item in question.

  • See where I mention warnings? Use them.

  • You are welcome to make a post pointing to your older fanworks featuring minor and original characters, but PLEASE put them all in one post. I'd love for this comm to be one-stop-shopping for folks looking for interesting fanworks, and pointing people to already-posted work is part of that, but pretty-please one post per customer on the old stuff.

  • Tagging is under the mod's control. Fear not, I will tag your post in short order.

  • If you have a question about whether or not something is allowed, you can page me here.

The journal layout is from thefulcrum.