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Ficathon Wrap-Up!

Thanks to everyone for making the first Minor and Original Character Ficathon a roaring success! Below the cut, you'll find an index to all the stories that were written, for your reading and re-reading pleasure.

I hope folks continue to watch this comm and feel free cross-post relevant fanworks. In addition, there is a little-known space to leave recs (and other resources) right here.

Onward to tomorrow and a new era—with new minor characters to celebrate, and new worlds to explore with OCs! *puts on brave face to hide the traces of wibble*

But, Oh, Those Human Women by pitry  (Brannigan/Valerie | All Ages)
Achievements, Targets and Comments byboro_girl  (The SJA kids, their teachers | All Ages)
The Investigators
by john_amend_all  (Isobel Watkins, Zoe Heriot | All Ages)
Transience by lost_spook  (Peri Brown, the Governor, Maldak | All Ages)
Some Fantastic by ladychi  (Jackie Tyler/alt!Pete, Ten II/Rose, Mickey Smith | All Ages)
Other Women by doyle_sb4  (Annalise, Leo Jones, Francine Jones | All Ages)
Six Lessons by nonelvis  (Anita/Other Dave, River Song, Proper Dave | All Ages)
Storms & Swordfights by glinda_penguin  (Rosita Farisi/Mercy Hartigan, Jackson Lake | Teen)
Last Train from Iskenderun by jjpor  (Bea Nelson-Stanley/Edgar Nelson-Stanley, Professor Amelia Rumford, De Flores | Teen)
Breaking Eggs by spikewriter  (Four, Romana, Duggan | Teen)
Three Days by malicehaughton  (OC, Jackie Tyler, Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler | Teen)
Prologue by tastc_queen  (OC, Dalek Caan, Jack Harkness | Teen)
Time Lords in Floppy Hats by purple_bug  (Time Lords #1 and #2 from the Unbound audio, Exile | All Ages)
Courage of a Different Sort by clocketpatch  (Howard, Jackie | All Ages)



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Apr. 2nd, 2010 04:47 pm (UTC)
This was an awesome ficathon. Thank you for organizing it, and for putting together this comm.
Apr. 2nd, 2010 10:13 pm (UTC)
I still need to read the last entries, but this has been by far a magnificent ficathon full of magnificent stories! So I shall join nonelvis in thanking you and add a little "hooray" :)
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